Turkish Companies are Quit Eager to Invest in Industrial Sector in Pakistan

Turkish Companies are Quit Eager to Invest in Industrial Sector in Pakistan

Turkish Companies are Quit Eager to Invest in Industrial Sector in Pakistan

According to techjuice.pk a delegation of investers who are eager to invest in industrial sector of Pakistan has expressed their interest in setting up industrial unit in Pakistan.

Turkish delegation has also visited Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ICCI). Following are the some of the name of member of delegation. ADO Group President Mustafa Sak, Chairman of Bricks Plus Kamil Arsalan, NG Kutaya Saramil Porselen Turizm Mustafa Orhon.

Imarat Group of Companies Chairman Mr. Shafqi Akbar comes along with ICCI President Sardar Yasir Ilyas Khan, President of Islamabad Builders Association former president Muhammad Ejaz Abbasi welcomed the delgation on behalf of Pakistani Business community.

Member of Pakistani team has also expressed vast opportunity in the construction and real estate business in Paksitan. The President of ICCI expressed the massive requirement of private and commercial building in the Pakistani market, along side of construction Package annouced by PTI government to strenghen the construction industry. He also added that this will be perfect for investors for joint ventures and direct investment opportunities. He also assured as president of ICCI with his full support for investors to their best extent as possible.

On other side member of Turkish delegation including the ADO Group President said that they see huge potential for investment in these sectors. He also expressed his keen interest to invest in Industrial Sector to produce construction material that can easily meet the demand of local industry.

According to resource, Pakistan and Turkey have also talk about trade agreement to increase trade and investment in other multiple sectors of Pakistani Economy such as transport, manufactring, telecommunication and tourism indstries with the aim to increase bilateral trade between to countries.

Chairman of Imarat Group of companies Shafiq Akbar, lighten the potential about construction industry in Pakistan. He said his company seeks to bring more investor in Pakistani Market which will not just improve bilateral trade but also strengthen close relationship between two countries.

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